Donald M. Healey Rally

21st Annual
Donald M. Healey Rally
Saturday, September 8, 2018
in conjunction with the British Car Union 2018 British Car Festival!

To commemorate the 120th birthday of Donald Healey, the Austin-Healey Club of America, Midwest Region, is sponsoring an event on Saturday, September 9, 1 day in advance of the British Car Festival. The starting point of the rally will be in the parking lot of the Tinsel Town USA Theater in North Aurora (just south of the Rt. 31 exit off Interstate 88).

The Austin-Healey Club is proud to sponsor the D.M. Healey Rally starting at 12 Noon. The event will run as much as much as possible on non-congested back roads, and will wrap up at the newly re-opened Blackberry Inn , RT 47 and Main Street Road Elburn, IL 60119 (630)365-9740.

For more information on the rally, contact Bill Cantrall ( or phone him at 630-338-7800(Cell)

The entry fee is $15.00 each for the rally and must be paid prior to starting the event. Trophies will be awarded to winners.

Open to all British Cars & British Car Clubs!
(Other cars/enthusiasts at the Rally Master's discretion!)

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